I am Donté Janae and I am an emerging artist from Denver! I have been painting for about four years and I have a BA in Studio Arts. I recently became a full-time artist and I have been exploring every avenue of this journey so far. The inspiration behind my work originates from ideas, events, or images from the world of reality and transforming them into pieces that exist in a somewhat mystical realm I create mentally. With oil being my preferred medium, the expression of color is my main style of painting.  The human anatomy has always been an interest of mine and I enjoy painting faces and women.  The most rewarding experience I have gained as an artist are the interactions between my art and the audience. I love to hear feedback about my art and the connections it creates for the viewers. Painting is such a fluent language to me, and I find it most intriguing when I am able to share this gift with others. My main goal is to have a fulfilling and prosperous life through my artistry, in hopes that my work will be an inspiration for others to pursue their dreams.